E-Commerce Security – Issues and Controls

Credit card payment

The internet facilitates the easy and convenient shopping experience which has made it increasingly popular among a demographic whose previous experience with shopping limits or no shopping experience at all was a lesson they learned well. Apart from this convenience, this technological revolution offers potential consumers the choice from the widest range of products, services, and consumer goods. With virtually any purchase imaginable now being possible through just a click of a button, it is no wonder e-commerce is the fastest-growing segment of the total online transactions.

But despite the explosion of e-commerce, there are still important security concerns related to the buying process which need to be considered. Some of these include protection against identity theft, fraud, and cyber squat which ensures that funds are properly verified at each transaction.

According to Consumers Union, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the US. Their data shows that over five years, consumer credit reports are subsequently used for six out of every ten credit card fraud transactions. The other major factor in the increase in these crimes is that victims are under-reporting crimes.

Anonymous surfing is one solution to quickly solve these problems. It is a technique that allows a user to surf the web anonymously without revealing his/her identity. Using a proxy allows anonymous web browsing which means the hacker will not be able to track the user’s activities. The browsing experience is enough satisfied by the proxy. So, consumers can rest assured that their data, with the use of the anonymous proxy, are met by the right person, who is authorized to do so, every time he or she wants to perform a transaction.

Anonymous surfing via proxy

It allows consumers to enjoy the convenience while staying safe at the same time. Identity theft and cybercrime are at the same time perpetuated by the same culprits. Through the use of anonymous surfing technology, it is possible to avoid these perpetrating crimes. If anonymous surfing is conducted via a secure server, then the internet protocol address of the user will be hidden. Hence, there is no chance for anyone to track the user’s activities.

Anonymous surfing via proxy allows consumers to conceal their location and other personal information to browse the internet anonymously. Certain other identifiable by their IP address is filtered out by the proxy server thereby protecting the user from risks associated with online solicitation and transactions.

With the increase in conducting online transactions, especially monetary transactions, it is important to conduct anonymous surfing to safeguard one’s online security.

For anonymous web browsing, it is important to select the anonymous proxy which is capable of deleting your track from the webserver you visit and re-directed it to the proxy of your choice. If the proxy is not able to do the job properly then perhaps you should consider other options such as web anonymizer or web-based anonymizer. All these options have pros and cons, but before you start shopping for an anonymous proxy it is important to understand the pros and cons of each option.

Other thoughts to consider

Anonymous web surfing is among the most important activities that can be performed while surfing the internet. It is, after all, considered one of the most important Internet activities. Anonymous web surfing keeps your personal information safe by encrypting it before transfer it to the webserver and also before sending it across the internet.

On the other hand, web-based anonymizer services and proxy servers deal with connecting to the internet. The security aspect is not so important in this case since the anonymizer sends your data lacking any additional safeguards. If you want to use proxy servers then you will have to check out other services that offer similar services. This is, however, something that you should consider carefully since it will affect the security aspect of your computer. If you are a dedicated cyberspace traveler then it is something you can do without worrying about safes or locks.

If you are someone who keeps files in your computer without securing any back-up, you can hardly differentiate if a file is a virus or whether it is simply a part of your computer town. Such situations will always arise where you will find a Trojan or a virus in your system. Such malicious matter can damage your files and even your operating system.

If you do not want to lose any important files and you do not want to go through all the hassles of reinstalling your operating system every time you visit a new site or if you make system errors, you can choose software that will solve all your problems. Online hackers can easily intercept your personal information, and you can even have malware and spyware knocking at your computer’s doorsteps.

One can download a complete package that will make your computer safe and secure. Buy online now and access to the best of online security.