Sometimes users might face the problem where the windows failed to start due to the error code 0xc000000f. The occurrence of the 0xc000000f error is quite rare, but it is one of the deadly errors that implies that your computer is nowhere near safe. The error code of status 0xc000000f is generally found when there has been a system update of installing a new program on the computer. The 0xc000000f error might also occur if the computer has restarted or powered back on, informing the user that the Windows start-up could not be completed. Hence, cases, where windows failed to start, is closed due to the 0xc000000f error.

What causes the error code 0xc000000f?

The error 0xc000000f windows ten occurs mainly due to the presence of a corrupted file, malware, virus, or a damaged drive. There have also been cases where the error code 0xc000000f is caused due to dislocated or faulty computer cables. The presence of any of these problems could interfere with the computer’s operating and functioning capacity, thereby causing the 0xc000000f error to be displayed.

Steps and Solutions to fix error code of status 0xc000000f

The error 0xc000000f windows ten has caused problems in both 64-bit and 32-bit architectures, with status 0xc000000f shown in different Windows versions, namely Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems. Several solutions (as listed below) can help solve error code 0xc000000f and get the system up and running again.

  • Following the instructions can be the priority towards solving the error 0xc000000f windows 10. Once the message for the 0xc000000f code is displayed, it is usually accompanied by a few general instructions that can help the user solve the error. If there is no response from the device or the suggested tips are of no use, it is recommended that the following step(s) are followed.Error 0xC000000F
  • If the problem with the 0xc000000f code persists, it is recommended that the user goes for a soft reset of the computer. This can be done by holding the power button of the computer for approximately 10 seconds. After the device shuts down, wait for some time. Press the power button once again to turn the computer on. This simple trick can be instrumental in solving simple technical glitches or errors like error 0xc000000f windows 10.

In addition to this, if the system is running again, go for a full system update that can help remove corrupted files and prevent such situations from happening again in the future.

  • The 0xc000000f error can also be solved by removing all externally connected hardware drives from the computer. This excludes critical drives that are necessary for the computer. Once the unnecessary devices are removed after turning the computer off, could you turn it on again? This might help to solve the 0xc000000f. If the problem remains, you might want to check the next options.
  • The 0xc000000f can also be removed by disconnecting all the connected accessories and devices to the computer. These may include devices like webcams, mice, and other supplementary electronic devices. After the removal of these devices, performing a restart might help in solving the problem.

It is important to note that the system is completely turned off and is not in sleep mode before any hardware is disconnected.

  • If your windows failed to start even after trying the above options, do a forced shutdown of the system. In general terms, this is a stronger restart of any Windows system when a regular shutdown or restart does not work.

This method can vary for different models of computers. For instance, in the latest Surface Go, Surface Pro, and Surface Book 2 models, a forced shutdown can be performed by holding the system’s power button for around 20 seconds until the Windows logo starts flashing.

  • Do a check for any available faulty cables in the system. If the computer is Windows and can be opened up, shut it down completely and disconnect it from all connected power sources. Open the computer and have a look at its wiring. Replace any cables that are showing wear and tear and check if all the connections are firm.
  • If you have tried the above steps and still couldn’t solve the 0xc000000f error, refreshing the computer might help you. Once this process is done, the Windows operating system is reinstalled; however, the installed files or programs are not affected. One can go for the Advanced Start-up Options Menu if there is a blue screen in front of you.
  • Select Troubleshoot
  • Select the options named “Reset this PC.”
  • Refresh the computer
  • If these still do not work, try resetting your PC. It should be one of the last options since it gets rid of everything on the computer. This is also available in the Advanced Start-up Options Menu, and one can follow these steps to reset their PC.
  • Select Troubleshoot
  • Select the options named “Reset this PC.”
  • Reset the computer

If you are concerned about your data, you can go for any cloud service provided by Google or Microsoft in the form of One Drive or Google Drive. Once uploaded, you can perform the reset. You can then download your data once the reset is completed.

  • Download and re-install the Windows 10 operating system from the appropriate installation media. This can be downloaded on a USB drive, and then the same drive is used to install the operating system on the damaged system. Such files can be accessed and downloaded from the official Microsoft Windows website.

If there is a blue screen on your computer, you can download these files from another computer and then use it to re-install windows on yours.

  • Contact Microsoft Customer Support with the problem. If the system is within the warranty period, you can either get it serviced or even replaced.


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