Hacker VS Cracker

Hacker VS Cracker

This article will describe the difference between a Hacker and a Cracker.

Although the modern media has defined the Hacker as a digital security risk, an individual that given the opportunity would maliciously gain access to a computer system and take or destroy any data that they chose. Writing malicious software packages that are intended to corrupt data anywhere it is found, and generally perform vicious and unprovoked attacks.

This definition although very popular is equally very wrong; the name Hacker began as a way of identifying a programmer (a person developing software). That is prototyping or creating a mock-up, which traditionally means that the software is being written quickly, and is often full of computer bugs or errors. This fast prototyping was called, rather unflatteringly, Hacking and thus the individual(s) programming the prototype, Hackers.

The common definition of a Hacker can, however, be used for a Cracker, this is an individual that wants to gain access to computer systems and the information held within them, attacking systems until stopped or the data is in their possession.

Who is Cracker

The name Cracker came about almost at the same time, as an identifier between the two, it was used to separate the two individuals from each other and each other’s work, neither party wanting to be known as the other for obvious reasons.

After their inception Crackers soon had to be countered with a defensive force, and this continues today, Crackers try to attacks systems and security personal try to stop them by creating better security procedures, etc.

In simple language; Hackers create, whilst Crackers destroy, this is the way it is, the way the internet was built, and how security issues have always been defined.

With this constant struggle between the two factions on either side of the digital arms race, defenders and attackers, be they hackers or Crackers, have come up with some great ideas and methods to gain the upper hand and keep their communities safe and secure.

One of the methods created is security testing, through which we can know if we are protected against a potential attack, how we can protect ourselves and what we can do to protect our computer systems.

Testing rises through the use of a combination of detection and prevention methods, software that detects potential attacks and attacks, and a firewall that prevents unwanted connections from being established to our computer systems.

Many companies and individuals spend a lot of money on creating firewalls for their computer systems, also known as protection portals, this software creates a barrier between the outside world and the network which protects our data. However, if the data that needs to be protected is also entering the network, then the firewall becomes less and less effective as if the data breaches the firewall.

There are many ways to improve the functionality of firewalls, including the use of anti-virus software, network scanners, and anti-spyware programs.

Report Every Attack

This is a great idea, let’s make a list of all the attacks on our computer systems, and report them to the appropriate authorities. If an individual knows that they are the victim of a criminal attack, they can report the matter to the authorities without it being a problem if they are not aware of the person involved.

Smart Security = Data Security

This is a great idea, and most of these attacks that are going on are causing great damage to our computer systems. We must also make sure that we are going to be protected against these illegal intrusions, illegal activity, and online attacks.

Data security means protecting your data, especially from those who have malicious intentions. They want access to the information, which can be a personal, financial, or company resource. Data security means making sure that you and your company are protected against these people who steal information.

When we know that there is a hacker who is going to steal our information, we can start to do things to protect ourselves. The first thing that we need to do is to know how we can be protected against these people who have malicious intent.

We need to know how we can protect our information from these criminals without them being turned against us. We need to know how to protect our valuable resources on the Internet from being damaged.

There are many ways to protect your computer from hackers, one of these ways is to install an IP hider software. With this, you can surf the net with your IP address hidden which means you can go to the sites that you want to without anyone knowing that you are there. This is a great way to protect your identity and to go about your business without having to worry about anyone invading your privacy. When you have your IP address hidden, you can also visit secured websites which means you can shop without anyone knowing that you are there.

Aside from IP hiding, there are many other ways to secure your browsing experience. Do not give out too much information when you visit secure websites.