How to Protect Yourself From the Net

Man working on computer

Almost all of us are now fully aware of the threats and effects of a computer virus. But do you know what these threats are and how you can protect yourself from them?

Let’s talk about definitions

Firstly, some definitions will help. It is a computer virus that will get into your computer, run its course and then make it unusable. Viruses can destroy data, or even worse, will erase your entire hard disk.

Secondly, these vicious viruses can infect a computer in seconds, when the user takes no precautions whatsoever and puts the computer at risk. They can spread wildly, sharing your computer among hundreds of others.

Thirdly, a virus is a piece of code that will spread and infect the computer, sending out its code to all the addresses in existence. That code can make copies of itself and distribute itself to other computers.

And lastly, a worm is a self-replicating computer program. It uses a network to send its copies, one at a time. Each copy then makes copies of itself and so on.

Viruses and worms are now called on a variety of names which include Trojans, Malware, and Rootkits. The Trojans are the ones usually planted on your computer to invite viruses, but you also get ones from the outside world that are sent in similar ways.

What’s a Rootkit?

A Rootkit is a program that acts as a Proxy and hides the computer from the outside world. This keeps your computer safe from viruses that would normally infect it. The term comes from a Greek rootkit which is a device used by a criminal to further gain access to a computer.

Anti-Virus Software – A Good Piece of Software

Viruses need to be watched out for and the best way to protect your computer is to get an anti-virus program and use it to run a scan and fix on your computer. This will automatically scan your computer and download the latest updates so that you were kept clear of recent viruses. Now you have protected your computer from viruses, what’s next?

Close Parental Controls

Close parental controls are laws that various websites have come up with and are easily accessible. These parental controls are tools that YOU can use to limit your children’s Internet usage. If you are a parent you can now limit what your child can do online including the sites they visit and the length of time they spend online. You can also view what their screen is while you are away and choose to be present while they surf the Internet. This is one of the most efficient ways to keep your children safe from the undesirable material that you don’t want them to see. While you are going online you can also control what sites your child can and cannot visit by using the parental control settings. Unfortunately, in the past few years, these settings have become much more difficult to access and many computer settings are not set correctly. If you cannot find the right settings or your child’s settings are accidentally disabled, you can use the parental control settings to make sure that they are not allowed to access the wrong website.

The difficult part is that all of these settings can be annoying and difficult to understand. Moreover, they are not always up-to-date. Therefore, you have to strategize and find the right combination of settings to make the most of every year: separate your child from the dangerous content and make them safe yet stable.

Parental control settings are available on most computers, including the Internet. However, the correct implementation of parental control solutions is quite important because the user tends to blame the parental control solution for the inappropriate content on the computer. Improper use of parental control settings can harm more than one child. Therefore, to be effective, parental control solutions must be simple enough for anyone to use and flexible enough to adapt to the constantly-changing world of parents and kids. Additionally, unless you own the computer, and the computer is free of parental control settings, you might not be able to set up an effective parental control program.

Convenience and ease of use are the biggest advantages in setting up parental control solutions. However, this category also contains the disadvantages because of which many people are not able to effectively use parental control solutions. The top disadvantage is the lack of management which will help you monitor and manage the setting. The right way to address this problem is by offering a convenient way to disable and enable the parental control solution. Also, metric or identity-based parental control and edited into your browser.

If you cannot find the right software for managing your child’s Internet usage, perhaps an improvement would be a paid service that will automate your child’s Internet access and block all sites objectionable to your wards. After all, blocking harmful sites has to be the most efficient method to limit your child’s Internet use.