Are you feeling unsatisfied with your current career path? Is the daily grind of your nine-to-five becoming a never-ending cycle of monotony? Are you looking for a career that is new and interesting? One that excites you as your pulling into the office parking lot, instead of just another day in the same old same old? 

Well, if you can honestly answer yes to any of the above questions above, then you are in luck. More importantly, you are not alone. Countless Americans and workers around the world find themselves at a fork in the road. Both seasoned industry veterans and recent college graduates find themselves questioning if their current career path is the right one. Many of those who do end making a switch, find themselves diving headfirst into the booming tech industry. And many of your fellow career switchers, find themselves submerged in the exciting world of data science.

Data scientists are the key programmers that build the systems and processes that help to mine data for businesses, for a wide array of purposes, ranging from sales and marketing, to Human Resources, and the supply chain.

So where do these new data scientists learn their new programming skills? Your knee jerk reaction might be to assume back to school and earn a degree in computer science, information technology, or even a more specific field like data engineering, through a traditional educational institution of  a four-year university, or even a two-year program at a local or technical college. In reality, many of these traditional tech education means are quickly becoming obsolete. 

Instead, many career switchers, or even those that are tired of the grind of contractual temporary office jobs and the like, are opting for the much more efficient, and economically easier route of coding bootcamps. These short-term, intensive coding education programs will take you from no experience to tech industry-ready in less than a year. By eliminating the irrelevant fluff that is all too common in traditional tech education programs, coding bootcamps focus solely on everything that is needed to become a successful data scientist.

If you are in a place in your life where a full-time, in-person class schedule is possible, you can knock out your bootcamp in 10 to 24 weeks. But if you are not in a place where that is a reality, many of these schools such as Galvanize also offer part time, evening classes, as well as online, and self paced programs. So no matter what your available time schedule is like, there is a bootcamp that will work for you.

Even better is that many bootcamp programs also offer flexible tuition financing options like deferred tuition payments, and income-sharing agreements, which allow you to apply, enroll, and knock out your bootcamp, and pay back your tuition later, after you have landed your first job as a data scientist.

Alright, so now you know how and where you can become tech industry ready. Now, let’s take a look at what you can expect in a data science career.

Data Science

Data science is the method of designing data collection systems and the building of filtering systems and processes that help analysts study the data that is collected. Data scientists need to be excellent critical thinkers, skilled communicators, and creative problem solvers. 

Data scientists use programming languages like SQL, R, Python and Scala to build the data collection systems. They use data management environments like Hadoop and MongoDB to organize the data into segments that are easier to study.

Data Engineering

Data engineers are responsible for creating the methods that used to analyze and study the data that is collected by data scientists. They are also tasked with maintaining the databases environments that hold all collected, as well as creating the queries and pipelines that help to funnel specific data so that teams and departments like sales, marketing, and human resources, can know how productive their employees are over a specific time range. This also helps purchasing departments know what to order, how much to order, and when to order products.

Data scientists enjoy a comfortable salary that may be a pay rise for some, with entry-level data scientists earning $95,000, and the average salary for senior data scientists is over $108,000.