Solving the AMD Software/Graphics Driver errors

Solving the AMD Software/Graphics Driver errors

AMD Radeon Software or ATI Catalyst or AMD Catalyst is a device driver and a utility software package designed for Advanced Micro Device’s graphic cards and APUs (Accelerating Processing Units). The 2020 update of AMD Software has been redesigned totally to provide the users with a clean, modern, and easy to use interface where they can feasibly check the game stats, performance reports, and driver updates. AMD’s software is targeting towards supporting all function blocks present on a GPU’s or APU’s die. It has multi-monitor support with both audio and video acceleration. It also has a set of technologies that minimize energy consumption in its graphic products.

Despite being such a great software with the latest and updated technologies, the AMD Radeon Software has several graphic driver errors that disrupt the software’s smooth operation. Following are some of the bugs present in the AMD Software with the ways to tackle them:



SOLUTION: The error 182 is an error code reported by users who cannot update their graphic drivers to the latest version with the AMD software. Generally, the GPU of such users gets outdated. The causes of the occurrence of error 182 are:

  • AMD product not gets supported by AMD Software
  • GPU can only be updated via the Update of Windows
  • GPU driver files are corrupted
  • System file corruption
  • Legal Integrated GPU is confusing the utility of updates.

The methods to fix error 182 are:

  • Using the AMD Driver Selector
  • Updating the Driver via Windows updates
  • Clean installing the GPU Driver
  • Disabling the Integrated GPU
  • Doing a Clean install of AMD Software.



SOLUTION: The possible cause for the occurrence of error code 186 is that there might be corrupted or missing files detected by the software, which stopped the installation. To eliminate the error 186, the user shall install the latest version of the AMD Software from the AMD Drivers. If the error persists on the screen, the user shall contact AMD Customer Care for further assistance.

ERROR CODE: Ryzen Master Error 2753

AMD ERROR CODE: Ryzen Master Error 2753

SOLUTION: The Ryzen Master Error 2753 implies that the file Setup.exe is not marked for installation. To get away with this error, the user shall redownload the latest Ryzen Master Utility from AMD. Then they shall run the exe file for installing till they get the error so that the extraction of the files will be done on the C drive. After that, they have to go to the Ryzen Master’s folder. This way, the Ryzen Master’s Error 2753 would go away from the device of the user.

ERROR CODE: 170/1603

ERROR CODE: 170/1603

SOLUTION: The error 170/1603 mainly affects the users of Windows 10. This offer leads to Windows’s poor performance, and the users are unable to update their drivers. To get rid of the error 170/1603, the users have multiple options or methods to choose from:

  1. Running an SFC Scan.
  2. Setting the default location.
  3. Cleaning the Install Drivers.
  4. Disabling the Antivirus software.
  5. Deleting the AMD Installation folder.

If none of the above ways works, the users shall use the Restoro Repair Tool, which can scan the repositories to substitute the corrupt and missing files.



SOLUTION: The error code 192 generally occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Graphics driver and software conflicts
  • Missing critical and/or important Windows updates
  • Corrupted registry keys and/or system files

To remove the error 192 from the device, the user needs to follow some steps, which are mentioned below:

  1. Using the AMD Clean-up Utility would help in removing any existing or damaged driver files and registry entries. Thus, it will allow a proper and successful installation of the Radeon Software package.
  2. Update the Windows to keep the AMD software system up to date.
  3. Repairing the system registry and files.



SOLUTION: The error code 195 in the device generally occurs if the AMD web server is not accessible due to firewall protection or antivirus or the AMD server is in maintenance.

To get rid of error 195, the following are some ways:

  1. Antivirus updates should be up to date.
  2. Check the firewall settings to ensure that it is not blocking the installation of AMD software.
  3. Contact AMD Customer Care for further assistance.



SOLUTION: The error 173 can occur if the current system does not contain the AMD Radeon Graphics hardware. To eliminate this error, the user shall ensure that the AMD Radeon graphics card has been installed correctly as per manual instructions. The user shall delete the existing system and download the new AMD software to ensure that the system is updated. The corrupted files in the system shall also be deleted to get away with the error 173.



SOLUTION: The error code 43 can be caused by an outdated or incompatible AMD graphic card. Generally, the best remedy is to update the display driver or the graphic card of the device. Solutions to get away with error 43 are:

  1. Install the latest version of AMD
  2. Install the graphic cards driver manually
  3. Run the hardware and device troubleshooter
  4. Flash the graphic-cards firmware
  5. Install the latest Windows Updates


AMD Driver ERROR CODE: 1316

SOLUTION: The error code 1316 usually occurs while installing the chipset drivers. The user needs to delete the existing game files and download the latest version of the software from AMD’s official site to get rid of error 1316.



SOLUTION: The error code 202 occurs if the Windows update is in progress. The user shall use the software after the Windows update gets completed to get away from the error 202.


The gaming software company, AMD, has seen tremendous improvements in its software with significant changes in its quality and updates. It has come back with good graphic drivers, which users used to complain of earlier. However, AMD has a lot of bugs which disrupts the performance of the software effectively. Though it is looking into this issue, yet users have reported dissatisfaction with its installation process and its working.


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