SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are a security protocol used across the Internet to prevent eavesdropping, interference, fraud, theft, and forgery. This security feature is generally used in the world of e-commerce when sites are processing vulnerable and private data such as credit card and other billing information. SSL uses cryptography to hide information by converting normal data into a sort of indecipherable gibberish of letters and numbers.

The popularity of SSL

SSL is one of the most popular internet security measures used and is a standard identifier for websites that uses this technology. When a person initiates a transaction by clicking the submit button or entering data onto a web site the process uses SSL encryption. This encryption protects all of the information entering the website or transmitted across the internet. The person performing the transaction is the only person who can decrypt the information using their private key and then use it to complete the transaction.

In simple terms, SSL technology is a cryptographic protocol that employs a public or private key to encrypt and decrypt data. This encryption uses a unique combination of numbers and letters to make a transaction of secure information possible. When a business or storefronts for the first time using SSL protocol they are required to display a digital certificate. This will prove to be very important as a potential customer may well ask to see this certificate as a means to prove they are dealing with the legitimate owners of a company.

Importance of SSL certificate

SSL certificates are very important for any business or retailer. They will help to establish a secure connection between the customer and the company. They will ensure that data is not being sent out or received into an untrusted computer. If a hacker were to intercept any of this information they would not be able to interpret it thus making it useless to them.

A website needs to have a valid SSL certificate to avoid any costly attacks from hackers. As a website developer, you must ensure that you always have a backup just in case the site is taken down due to hacking and virus attacks. Having a valid SSL certificate will ensure that visitors to your website do not have to leave a doubt about the legitimacy of your business.

You can purchase an SSL certificate from companies that deal with SSL certificates. It is very important to have a valid SSL certificate to avoid any attacks from hackers. Having an SSL certificate will safeguard your customers and let them know that your website is a safe one to visit. You can also customize your site to let your visitors know that they are dealing with a secure site that is secure for buying and selling.

Many types of people visit your website every day, it can be through your website or your FTP. When someone buys from your website, you have no way of contacting them without shielding their information. This is the main reason why you have to have SSL to protect all the information that you require for sales and customer service. Your customers need to know that their information is safe so that they will tell their friends about your website and another important reason is, to protect your site from warranty breaches and so forth.

You can easily create a page on your website that enables visitors to see the SSL certificate that you are protecting. You can use lots of images to show your visitors what the certificate looks like. You can use testimonials as your proof that your business is legitimate. Many buyers will be more inclined to buy from a website that has an SSL certificate than a website without this protection.

Things to consider with SSL

Your difficulty in finding a trustworthy SSL provider will be made much easier when you search for SSL certificate providers. Searching will help you to choose the perfect one for your business. It is easier to trust a website that has an SSL certificate than a website that doesn’t.

Be careful when choosing a website that will charge you for an SSL certificate. There are rogue SSL certificates that cost up to £700 and more for each one. It is better to invest in a reputable provider who will give you a low price for the service.

There are various types of SSL certificates; 172 domains support DUST SSL, which is the extended validation one. This extended validation is more thorough than the regular DUST SSL one. The Extended validation one gathers data from a different angle than the regular DUST one. The extended validation one also protects against three types of common attacks that hackers use to penetrate an SSL protected website. These attacks are either phishing, backdoor dictionaries, or man-in-the-middle attacks.

When you are searching for a trustworthy SSL certificate that will meet all your needs, make sure that you select a reliable company. Look for a company that has a good reputation and guarantees customer service. This is very important since you may have checked out many websites to find the best one. The last thing you need is to buy a bogus certificate and make all your transactions on it.

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