Top 10 Methods to Fix Youtube Comments Not Loading Issue

In this competitive world of social media, where every other new platform is emerging and fizzling out quite quickly, YouTube has been chilling in its thrown for decades. It is the most viewed video content consumption platform in the history of social media. It is needless to say we can’t live a day without it. For the versatility it offers in terms of content, people of all ages and even kids use it for entertainment or information. So if anything goes wrong with the application, it is going to affect a lot of people. The common problem many people are facing these days is the youtube comments not loading.

Comments Not Loading Image

Say you found an interesting video and try to read the comments or type something. You either can’t see comments on youtube because the box for youtube comments not showing or it is not loading. All you see is the comment numbers.

Does that sound familiar?

With time, the Youtube app got its fair share of upgrades, which changed the layout a few times. For the desktop version, the comments remained below the brief description. While for the mobile app, it used to be on the base of the video page. Now, it appears as a collapsible panel below the video’s brief description, and the rest of the page covers recommended videos. If you see youtube comments missing from their designated area, here are some simple techniques you can practice to get them back.

10 Best Working Methods to Fix Youtube Comments not Showing/Loading

  1. Reload The Page

When faced with such problems, our initial move would be to open it again and search for the video. See if you can get the comments this time. If still youtube comments not showing, repeatedly reload the page a few times and wait. It may be possible that the internet connection dwindled for a few seconds, so it didn’t load the page properly.

  1. Toggle Between Mobile Data and WI-FI

Again if the issue is with internet connectivity, you can switch from your current internet source to other. Usually, WI-FI performs better in terms of speed and data upload/download rate. So switch to your WI-FI if you aren’t already using it. If you are, then use mobile data or hotspot and see whether youtube comments not loading issue persists.

Another thing you can do is switching your internet off and on. Sometimes the problem may be with the router functions rather than the internet.

  1. Open from Another Browser

The problem may also arise if your current mobile browser is not performing efficiently. To check if it’s the culprit, you can open the same YouTube link using a different browser. Say, if you are using chrome, check on opera or open through your desktop browser, Firefox, or Internet explorer. Possibly mobile browser may be facing glitches, so it needs an update. Once you update the browser, see if you still can’t see comments on youtube.

  1. Disable/Enable VPN

Proxy connections like VPN can make your life easy as they enable access to many geo-blocked sites while hiding your IP identity. But now, most sites are aware of the popular VPN connections. Many streaming sites are using VPN blockers for IP addresses visiting their site through VPN. Generally, YouTube doesn’t bar VPN connections, but issues like youtube comments not loading may arise. Try opening YouTube either with or without the VPN connectivity.

  1. Try A Different YouTube Layout

Your mobile may not be compatible with the new YouTube layout. It may be a reason why youtube comments not showing. If you didn’t know already, you could switch between old and new YouTube layouts. Follow these steps on your desktop.

  1. Open the YouTube home page and click on the profile icon present in the top right corner.
  2. From the drop-down list, select ‘YouTube Studio’.
  3. Once it opens, from the left-hand side menu, click on the last icon- the ‘Creator Studio Classic.’

It will change the layout back to the older version of YouTube.

YouTube Layout Changes Image

  1. Go Incognito Mode

There is a possibility that your Google Account is temporarily under maintenance. Some of the features while browsing may not work smoothly while browsing when you are Signed-in. So it may be a reason why youtube comments not showing. You can switch to Incognito mode and try again.

  1. Get Rid of ad Blockers and Extensions

Ad blockers never work well with YouTube, and you may face more errors than just youtube comments not loading. So it would be advisable to keep it off at least for YouTube and see if the comments problem is gone.

  1. Clear up the Cache and Cookies

These enhance the user experience. Caches help to load the site quickly the next time it opens. But sometimes, Google can make mistakes in saving wrong or damaged cache. It may invite some errors, including youtube comments not showing. Go to Google settings—> Privacy and Security—> Clear Browsing Data. There you can clear both cookies and caches by choosing the option.

  1. Sort-by YouTube Comments

If you see the youtube comments not loading, and it keeps buffering, you can change the sort-by option above the comment box. Whatever you have, Top comments or Newest First, select the other one.

Sort-by Comments on Youtube

  1. Contact The YouTube Developer’s Team

If none of the above methods resolves the youtube comments not showing, then the last resort would be to contact the developers and give them feedback via mail or through commenting on the app reviews on the app market. It will be useful on their part. They are constantly testing new features on their site, and they are looking for user feedback. So if that is causing the youtube comments not loading issue, they will quickly resolve it.

Also, there are times when the youtube comments missing on one video, and it is not for any other video you play next. Most people will miss out that the creator may have disabled the comments for that video. The message comes across the comments area. You only need to look.


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