Top VPNs for Vietnam in 2020

Top VPNs for Vietnam in 2020

Since the onset of the internet and its further development in the current times, there have been issues that needed to be addressed. One of the issues that come with using the internet is that your data can be seen by prying eyes. To overcome this problem and give the users a safe mode of the internet, came the existence of a VPN or Virtual Private Network. VPN for Vietnam gives users the mechanism to go through host websites without their data being tracked. Encryption is an important part of a VPN.

People can now safely and securely access many host sites directly using several of the Vietnamese VPN available. This VPN meant for Vietnam can be used by both Vietnamese IP and people who need to use the services and belong to other parts of the world.

Many people like remaining anonymous, and a VPN helps one to maintain this anonymity. VPN for Vietnam allows its consumers to access different websites in a completely secure way to preserve anonymity. Another major advantage of using a VPN is that you can access sites from anywhere around the world. It does not limit you by geographical location; that is, it transcends geo-restrictions.

For people traveling to Vietnam who need to access Vietnamese sites for travel and tourism purposes can now install a Vietnamese VPN and set it up. Once that is done, they can go ahead and create a Vietnamese IP address that will help them go through these websites hassle-free. This makes travel easier.

These VPN services in Vietnam will help you make your life easier.

Why you should use VPN in Vietnam?

One can be using a VPN meant for Vietnam for many different reasons, given its necessity. Some of those requirements are described below.

Firstly, there could be a need for privacy, such that any other connection in the public network can be cut down, making it safe for you to go to websites without being stalked virtually. Using VPN for Vietnam, one can access many Vietnamese websites and websites worldwide, without the prying eyes of the unethical beings lurking on the internet.

If you are someone for whom anonymity is precious, then to remain anonymous, you can use the VPN services in Vietnam without tracking your location. Your identity is confirmed. This will protect you from cases of identity theft and other such cybercrimes.

Sometimes, if you have to use public wi-fi, they are breeding grounds for your account to be hacked. There are so many threats to using easily available and free wi-fi that it cannot be securely used for personal and business uses. Thereby having a Vietnamese VPN, you can have a safe tunnel to use the wi-fi internet services.

Using VPN services in Vietnam can help one forego the government’s checking done and its departments; it helps one bypass such channels. VPN can encrypt your data connections and, at the same time, mask it under another IP so that your IP for Vietnam remains protected. That way, your location remains undetected and untouched.

As a foreigner, you can use VPN services to get yourself an IP based in Vietnam.

For all the above insights, people can be signing up for a VPN in Vietnam to protect their data and to have safe channels to access the internet and various websites.

Is using VPN legal in Vietnam?

Different countries have a different set of legislation solely meant to use internet services by its citizens. Vietnam is no different. Vietnam has a Socialist Republic form of government, meaning that they do not have that many Draconian restrictions put on its citizens.

That being said, VPNs are extremely popular worldwide. The usage of a VPN for Vietnam is legal. However, there are forms of censorship that are addressed by the government to protect the States’ data from unethical modes of hacking. ‘

However, decree 72 has been imposed in Vietnam, which clearly states that the citizens cannot share news content and current affairs on their social media pages. So, to keep in touch with social causes and to let awareness grow, journalists and citizens alike can use VPN in Vietnam. More useful information and VPN tips you can find at

What’s the difference between paid and free VPN for Vietnam?

When users with Vietnamese IP or otherwise are looking for VPN services for Vietnam, they want anonymity, safety, reliability, and overall, a safe pathway. Free and paid VPNs differ based on their service offerings. One might think that the difference is only in terms of money and a subscription fee, but it is far from the truth.

There are many differences, and some of them are described henceforth.

With free VPN services, you will get speed, safety, and masked your Vietnamese IP. Also, it comes at no cost whatsoever. One of the pitfalls of using a free VPN for Vietnam is that certain sites will be inaccessible to you. Free VPNs have a lot of users, which means that there will be congestion that hampers the optimum speed that can be reached.

At times, free VPNs may not be as secure as one would expect them to be because they have been provided for free. Not many networks securing procedures may be implemented on them.

When it comes to paid VPNs, they are more full-proof. It provides its users with a solid firewall or a network infrastructure that boasts of complete security and safety. Using this, one can have multi-platform access. It also ensures enhanced accessibility to websites outside of Vietnam. There will be constant customer service to ensure you the best networking access.

The drawback of paid VPNs in Vietnam would be that payments may be high at times, and during the payment procedure, you may have to insert bank details. Apart from that, it is a safe space to be.


Overall, many VPN providers have come forward in Vietnam that is ready to give its consumers the best possible secure network to access websites in and outside of Vietnam. Vietnamese VPN can be easily set up and used on different platforms for various purposes, safely and reliably.


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