While several errors users might have to encounter on their systems, one of the most dreadful ones is the 0x0000003b error. It completely halts the functioning of the system and leaves users in a frenzy. There have been some instances of users complaining about the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) to portray the 0x0000003b error code on the screen. Some users report that they randomly find this error while others complain of this error due to system service exceptions only when they undergo a stressful activity. There are some methods one can adopt to stop 0x0000003band return to the normal functioning of their system.

Why does the “System Service Exception” error occur?

Users find the Blue Screen of Death due to system service exceptions in addition to the 0x0000003b error on their Windows systems, and this happened chiefly due to third-party programs installed on the system, incorrect hardware configurations, and incompatible driver compatibilities. However, the primary cause in a majority of cases for the 0x0000003b error is due to a particular file as part of Microsoft IEEE 1394. The presence of corruption inside the present FireWire Driver will cause your system to crash with the system service exception and 0x0000003b error on your screen.

If you are currently facing the problems mentioned above and are looking forward to stopping 0x0000003b error, this article is just the one for you. We have compiled a collection of different solutions that have, in one way or the other, helped users in getting rid of the 0x0000003b error from their computer. These are ordered in the rank of their severity; it is advised that you go through the given implementation order only. Users are advised to go through each applicable solution until they can stop 0x0000003b error.

Solutions to Fix the 0x0000003B Error

We have mentioned many reasons that can be attributed to the 0x0000003b error on your system, which is why you should expect a similar number of solutions that can help you stop 0x0000003b error. Below, we have briefly discussed a few ways this error can be resolved on your computer.

1. Scanning the System and Checking for Viruses

These viruses and malware are harmful programs that may corrupt necessary files, software programs, and Windows Registers. Eventually, these can hamper the functioning of your Windows system, leading to system service exceptions. If you think that the problem can be attributed to a virus’s possible on your computer, it is best to run a full anti-virus check on the PC. This will help you find all infected files and the virus that has affected them, cleansing the system of harmful programs. A full system check is recommended in place of a quick scan as it will help in checking the hard disk more deeply. Once the scanning is done, get rid of all detected malware and viruses to see if the problem has been solved.

2. Uninstalling programs that may be the cause of this program

It might also happen that the 0x0000003b error occurs due to the installation of certain programs and applications on the system. This can cause other programs to malfunction and perform poorly. Once you figure this out, it is best to get rid of such files and programs from the computer. Once the specific problematic program is removed from the computer, restart the computer, which should fix the system’s blue screen problem.

3. Repairing damaged system files (if any)

Damaged or corrupted, corrupted files can also cause this error on the computer. System files are integral to ensure the computer’s smooth functioning, and any problem in these can cause the blue screen to occur and the 0x0000003b error to be displayed.

There are various reasons why system files can be corrupted, and there is a Windows tool available that users can use to restore their files to original conditions. This tool is called the Windows System File Checker. One can enable this by accessing the command prompt, and it will easily scan all errors (if any) and fix them.

4. Checking and repairing Hard Disk Corruption (if any)

CHKDSK command in Windows 10
Chkdsk.exe in action on Windows 10

Corruption or error in the Hard Disk may be a cause for the 0x0000003b error. There are many reasons due to which the disk may get faulty, such as bad sectors on the disk due to improper usage with time. If the file system on your hard disk is corrupted due to viruses or any other reasons, the system will show the 0x0000003b error code. The Check Disk utility can be used to check such errors and repair them themselves. If the above solutions do not help in eradicating the bad sector’s errors, you can employ the “chkdsk” option to fix the BSOD 0x0000003b on the system.

5. Checking whether the RAM is faulty

Another reason for this error can be faulty RAM or related system crashes. The presence of faulty memory causes a majority of errors. However, before you replace the RAM, you have to make sure that the error is occurring due to a problem with the RAM. One can opt for the Memory Diagnostics Tool to search and inspect any errors in the system (if any). If this solution does not work, move on to the next option in the list.

6. Utilizing the Windows System Restore

If the error code problem persists, you can go for the utility program named System Restore. This will help you revert and get rid of any changes that were made a post a certain period, a point known as the Restore Point. However, this solution cannot be used if the problem is due to faulty driver programs; this will only help solve software errors on the system.

These are some troubleshooting options you can employ against the Blue Screen error. If this still does not work, you can ask for professional help from experienced people.


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